Pool Problems You Can Encounter This Summer

Posted on: 23 July 2019

While backyard swimming pools are a great way to beat the summer heat, they have the potential to break down and need repair. Here are some problems you may encounter this summer with your swimming pool. Filtration Problems The filer used for your pool is much more complicated than any other type of filter you have used in the past. These files not only remove physical debris, but dispense special chemicals into the water as it flows through the filter.
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Mistakes To Avoid When Having A Pool Built

Posted on: 28 March 2019

Adding a pool to your backyard can make the space more enjoyable and turn your home into the go-to place for summer parties. However, having a pool built is a bit more complicated than just calling a pool company and having them do the work. There are some mistakes you'll want to avoid during the pool-building process. Mistake #1: Choosing the bargain-basement pool company. While not everyone needs to or can afford to go with the highest-end pool builder in their city, you don't want to choose a company whose pricing is thousands below the average, either.
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3 Essential Questions To Ask When Buying A Hot Tub

Posted on: 8 December 2018

Have you been wishing that you had a better way to relax when you get home from work? Are you thinking about buying a hot tub for you and your spouse to use, especially when you're dealing with extra stress? Buying a hot tub is a big decision but can be more than worth it in the long run. It can also seem like a difficult choice due to all the various varieties of hot tubs that are available and trying to decide between the various features.
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Falling Leaves? Time To Winterize The Pool

Posted on: 7 October 2016

It's such a beautiful season; the leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground. The smell of pumpkin spice everything is all around and plump round pumpkins are starting to pop up on your neighbor's porches. This and other signs of fall are signs that summer is officially over and swimming has ceased for the season—yep, it's time to close the pool. This isn't an easy job and one that requires a few helpers, especially depending on the size of your pool.
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