Thinking Of Getting An Above Ground Pool? A Few Reasons To Hire An Installation Contractor

Posted on: 13 November 2015

If you have decided to put an above ground pool in your back yard for your family's summer enjoyment, you may be tempted to do the installation yourself. However, unless you have the proper equipment to clear and prepare the location, and the experience in doing so, you should consider hiring a professional installation team. You may not even be aware of some of the issues you may encounter. Here are a few things a pro can do that you may have trouble with.

Tree and Bush Roots

Tree and bush roots can easily grow through the walls or bottom of an above ground pool. If the spot you plan for the pool is directly over or on the path of growing roots, you may want to rethink its placement. Professionals can tell you any roots in your yard are going to be a problem and where the pool should be placed to avoid this.

Leveling the Area

Another problem with getting the area ready is ensuring it is completely level. While there are many instructions for using wood and a carpenter's level, it will quickly become frustrating when you are moving over the large area and keep finding spots that are not level with the rest, especially when you find one spot that is lower than the rest. In addition, the ground needs to be compacted so it remains level even with the weight of the water in the pool. Professionals use equipment and machinery that can get the job done quick so that the ground is level and compacted. An unlevel pool will cause the water to push against one side more than the other which can cause the wall to buckle or break. If a wall buckles or breaks all the water in the pool will rush out, sweeping people along with it. Someone in the pool could be pushed over, smacking his or her head on the ground in such a manner that could cause drowning.

The big thing you need to remember is that it isn't about having a pool look good, but keeping your family safe. Having an above ground pool in your yard is a big responsibility. You need to always be aware of who is around it, know the swimming abilities of everyone using it and make sure that any ladders are up and the fence gate closed when no one is swimming to prevent accidents from happening. The way to start keeping everyone safe is by ensuring the pool is installed correctly.


Making My Pool More Beautiful

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