Are You Restoring Your Old Pool? Tips For Selecting The Right Surface Or Liner

Posted on: 29 July 2016

If you own a pool that needs some restoration, one thing you may need to do is replace that worn-out pool liner or material on the surface. If it hasn't been maintained, chances are that it can have issues with erosion, water quality, and water leaks. That's why restoration starts with the right surface material. Consider these 4 options when doing so.

Vinyl Liners

A vinyl liner will have a couple disadvantages, with one of them being a cosmetic problem. They are known to fade over time as they are exposed to sun and chemicals. In addition, the material can tear and have holes form in it. While these are real issues, vinyl can still be a great choice for your swimming pool. Vinyl is affordable and can still last many years with you only needing to do small repairs as they come up.

For those looking to keep their pool design the same with no major changes, vinyl will keep the renovation simple and affordable.


While tiles are the decorative part of the surface that you see inside the pool, they are installed over concrete that has been sealed. Tile makes a pool look very attractive with a custom look to it. Using tile will cost more than using other surface materials, but it feels comfortable and lasts a long time.

If tiles become damaged, the repair is simple and does not require resurfacing the entire pool. The tiles are mainly cosmetic, and damaged tiles can even be ignored until enough build up to fix them. If you have the money, tile is an excellent choice.

Sealed Concrete

You can always skip the tiles and go with just sealed concrete. It will make the restoration process easy and cheap, even if the end result is not the most visually appealing. Using sealed concrete is a great choice if you are looking to switch away from vinyl liners and use a solid surface material.


You can always convert your pool surface into one made with fiberglass. It's similar to using sealed concrete, but it uses fiberglass layers to create a solid seal that will keep in the water. It's incredibly durable, and works with any filtration system that you may have, including those that use salt.

Still can't decide on a pool surface? Work with a local pool contractor for more information and a price estimate on your swimming pool liner replacement. Their expertise could help guide your decision making process.


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