Falling Leaves? Time To Winterize The Pool

Posted on: 7 October 2016

It's such a beautiful season; the leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground. The smell of pumpkin spice everything is all around and plump round pumpkins are starting to pop up on your neighbor's porches. This and other signs of fall are signs that summer is officially over and swimming has ceased for the season—yep, it's time to close the pool. This isn't an easy job and one that requires a few helpers, especially depending on the size of your pool. See below for winterizing tips for an above-ground pool.

Here's What You Need:

  • Wrench
  • Nut driver
  • Filter covers
  • Winter pool cover (or large tarp)
  • Clamps
  • Chlorine
  • Rope
  • Rubber float (for the center of the pool)


  1. There are two ways to close the pool. You can take some water out so it's below the filter line, or you can keep the water inside the pool and use covers for both the filter inlet and outlet. Both of these covers can be found at your local pool supply store. Be sure both are secure and in place before detaching hoses in the next step.
  2. After the water is either taken out of the pool just below the water line, or the filter covers are securely in place, you can begin taking the hoses off and empty the pool filter and pump of water. To do this, use the nut driver to remove the nut holding the hose secure. Watch for water coming out of the hose. Once you have the hoses removed, begin emptying the water from the filter itself by unscrewing the cap at the base of the filter. At this time you can remove the top of the filter and also take out the sand inside if you have this type of filter. To remove water from the pump, take the lid off and allow the water to run free.
  3. Next, run rope from one side of your pool to the next securing it in place on either side. Attach the rope to the inflated rubber tube, being sure it is perfectly center in your pool. This tube helps keep water and other debris from collecting on the cover, which can become too heavy and tear your cover.
  4. The last step is the cover; this will require a few helpers. Unfold the cover or tarp, then walk around the pool, unfolding more to cover the pool. Be sure not to get the cover wet; you want to keep water off of the cover. Once it's covered, use the clamps or wire that came with the cover to help hold it in place. Pull it tightly so there isn't any sagging. Use at least two clamps in each section around the pool. Leave a little room so you can add a few gallons of chlorine to the pool before securing the last few clamps.

Your pool is quite a bit of fun in the summer, but it needs to be winterized properly to ensure more fun year after year. Contact a professional pool winterizing service for help if needed.


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