Mistakes To Avoid When Having A Pool Built

Posted on: 28 March 2019

Adding a pool to your backyard can make the space more enjoyable and turn your home into the go-to place for summer parties. However, having a pool built is a bit more complicated than just calling a pool company and having them do the work. There are some mistakes you'll want to avoid during the pool-building process.

Mistake #1: Choosing the bargain-basement pool company.

While not everyone needs to or can afford to go with the highest-end pool builder in their city, you don't want to choose a company whose pricing is thousands below the average, either. If a company is charging so little, there's a reason — and that reason is often that they use cheap materials or skip essential steps during the construction. You'll pay less to have the pool installed but more for repairs in the coming years. 

Mistake #2: Placing the pool too far back from your home.

Many homeowners assume that they need to leave plenty of space between the pool and their home to account for splashing and water damage. But having to walk 500 feet to reach your pool will cause you to use the pool less. Check into building codes in your area to see how far from your home you have to place the pool — and don't put it too much further away than that. Leaving 40 or 50 feet of space is usually more than adequate.

Mistake #3: Figuring you'll build on a deck later.

You'll just put a pool in this year, and figure out the deck situation later — right? This strategy can leave you struggling to design a deck that accommodates the pool. Even if you do not physically have everything built the same year, you should sit down with a designer and design the entire pool area at the same time so that everything fits and coordinates.

Mistake #4: Including too many extra features.

A single water slide or fountain will be nice, but too many of these special features will just distract from the pool. Plus, each feature is costly, which leaves you less money to spend on the actual pool and deck. Make sure you look into which features your homeowners insurance allows, too. Some insurance companies will not insure you if you have a diving board or a water slide over a certain height.

Talk to your local in-ground pool builder for more tips and information about creating the perfect pool.


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